Facilitating the birth and growth of innovative products in Web3.0 ecosystem
Substrate Entrepreneur Camp is an entrepreneurial incubation camp based on Substrate blockchain technology and Polkadot ecosystem. Its purpose is to help teams who want to join the Polkadot ecosystem to start a landing project from 0 to 1. The camp lasts for 3 months.
It's very easy to make more ambitious propositions than other projects, but it is not always easy to implement these statements into a functional product that can be realized and truly useful.

Gavin Wood

Full Range Support

The Substrate Entrepreneur Camp provides a full range support in strategy, technology, operation, financing and other aspects for the selected team, and cultivates high-quality projects for the Polkadot ecology

  • The professional research team helps the entrepreneurial camp team to quickly discover new opportunities in Polkadot ecosystem
  • One-on-one help the entrepreneur camp team find a strategic direction and sort out the technical roadmap
  • A three-month stepped development plan to help the team grow from 0 to 1 into an excellent team in the Polkadot ecosystem
  • Monthly internal sharing meeting, industry senior mentors share experience in technology, operation, team building, etc.
  • Entrepreneur Camp content matrix to assist the entrepreneurial camp team to speak better, acquire users and build communities
  • Entrepreneur Camp Fund to provide excellent teams with start-up capital and subsequent financing

Dr. Gavin Wood

Founder of Polkadot, President of Web3 Foundation

Qinwen Wang

Head of the Chinese community of Web3 Foundation, Polkadot Network Council member

Guanghua Guo

Co-founder of PolkaWorld, executive director of Chainnet.tech

Xuemai Yu

Member of the expert think tank of Zhejiang Blockchain Technology Association, CEO of Dataqin Technology

Lipeng Yue

Founder of Patract Labs

Bryan Chen

Substrate core code contributor, Co-founder of Acala Laminar

Fuyao Jiang

Founder CEO of Polkawallet, Open contributor of Acala community

Jocy Lin

Founder of IOSG Ventures

Yin Cao

Managing Director of the Digital Renaissance Foundation

Xiaojie Pang

Co-founder of PolkaWorld, Polkadot Network Council member

What can I gain by joining the Substrate Startup Camp?


Improve the knowledge of Polkadot and grasp the latest opportunities in Polkadot ecosystem as soon as possible


Get community resource support and media exposure from PolkaWorld and 8Bit


Cooperate with other teams in the Entrepreneur Camp, and arrange the Polkadot cross-chain interaction in advance


Obtain Substrate technology development guidance, sort out a complete technology development route


Obtain strategic investment from the Entrepreneur Camp Fund and other industry-leading investment institutions


Create a Polkadot ecological landing project from 0 to 1 in 3 months

Who is suitable to participate in the Substrate Entrepreneur Camp?

The Substrate Entrepreneur Camp welcomes all Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem early-stage teams

Early teams or individuals who are developing projects in Polkadot ecosystem or using Substrate framework

Teams or individuals who already have good ideas for Substrate/Pokadot ecosystem entrepreneurship and want to find a suitable technical route

Teams or individuals who have done projects on public chains such as Ethereum or EOS and are interested in Substrate / Polkadot ecosystem

Individuals or teams who are optimistic about the Polkadot ecosystem and want to find a suitable entrepreneurial direction in the Polkadot ecosystem

Internet or traditional industry practitioners, teams or individuals, who want to start a blockchain business

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Substrate Entrepreneur Camp adopts an application system, and the deadline for the Substrate Entrepreneur Camp application is February 5, 2021.

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